23 June 2009

Getting Ready to Come Out of the Shop

Cody and Mark install the variable pitch propeller on the shaft of the 90

For the last month we've been getting ready to pull Bequia out of the main building shop, finishing up projects, installing fittings and equipment that will be needed for the launching, testing as many systems as we can, varnishing and painting final coats (for now), painting the name and the hail on the stern and removing staging.

A sure sign of the boat getting close to launching is being careful that we don't do more damage than building. The sole guys are watching the rest of us with an eagle eye. Along with no shoes, we cannot wear belts with buckles. A few of us keep our pants up with buckle-less belts. The deck is vacuumed almost everyday to pick up accumulated grit. Anything that is sharp or heavy is swaddled or padded with thin foam, bubble wrap or rags.

Late on Friday, June 12th, a heavy-capacity boat trailer was trucked over from the Lyman Morse yard to pull Bequia out of the shop and set her up for stepping the masts and setting up the rigging.

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