23 March 2009

More mid-winter projects below

Bill Robbins applies a good looking build coat to the paint work in the forward stateroom.

In late January and early February, the forward stateroom and the aft cabin, as well as the passageway between cabins, are largely built and the painters can take over from the carpenters to build a good base of Simple White paint in preparation for the final coats of several hues of white for the trim, framed panels, and beaded paneling. This process requires lots of sanding, good brushes, good light, good concentration--and good tunes.

The major construction work has moved to the pilot house. Here David Fresh, the Composites Manager, sheaths plywood panels with fiberglass in epoxy for partitions in the pilot house.

These partitions are then installed around the air conditioner/heater and air handling hoses at the aft end of the pilot house, including large hoses for piping fresh air to the the machinery room. The partions also form a pocket for the sliding companionway door between the cockpit to the left and the pilot house itself on the right.

Another project below is trimming out the door ways between various cabins. Here Doug Haldane is sanding a wenge threshold that matches the wenge sole throughout the interior of the boat.

After installling the threshold in each doorway, Doug trims and installls the door jambs that are built up of several pieces of molding machined out of spanish cedar that will then be primed and painted to match the rest of the woodwork throughout the boat, except for the captain's cabin which is trimmed out in teak.

The major project in the captain's cabin is finishing out the head. Here Claus Batley glues up the curved frame for the basin cabinet front, a tricky clamping job.

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