22 January 2009

Back after Christmas

Todd Skoog fits the cornerpost for the chart house

During the first week of the new year of 2009 there was a bit of shaking off the daze of the holidays, remembering what we had been doing last year, and finding where we had put all the stuff we were working with.

There are 22 carpenters working on the boat along with two electricians and, off and on, four mechanics. There are also usually four or five painters in various cabins and building up coats on the many parts. Keeping up with everybody is a challenge.

On deck

Starr Blackwood (above) fits a margin plank, pieces of the teak deck that go between the teak decking panels and the bulwarks. The margin planks are glued down (below) without fasteners in them, held in place while the glue dries with blocks and wedges along the bulwarks and temporary screws with washers in the deck seam. Spacers in the deck seam hold the margin plank tight to the bulwark

Keith Dibble (right) and Joseph Larson spent the week in the tedious job of prepping and caulking the open grooves between the teak deck panels and helping glue down the margin planks.

On the "chart house” (from now on referred to what everyone in the crew calls it: the pilot house) Todd glued and bolted down forward and, here, aft faces after fitting the posts.

Alongside the pilot house and the top edge of the main cabin Norman Whyte (above) and Reed Hayden started fitting and gluing on the teak pillowed corner trim.

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